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旅居台灣 / 香港、於主流與非主流、音樂與藝術的領域自由行走。

2009 《超級巨聲》決賽選手。隨後醞釀多年,2016年底推出首張個人創作EP《Sophrology》,同年與香港著名監製趙增熹成立音樂廠牌 Bunny Eats Ltd,其獨有的音樂風格得到主流歌迷支持,獲得多個新人獎以及唱作人獎。2017年繼推出第二張個人創作、監製EP《QUARTER》,紀錄二十五歲的所思所感;融合電子、流行、騷靈曲風,入圍第九屆台灣《金音創作獎》海外創作音樂獎。2018年先後為 Moonchild (美國)、Rhodes (英國) 和 Dark Paradise (台灣) 暖場; 在Asia Music Keep Rolling Festival、Clockenflap 等音樂節現場演出。


2019年底推出首張國語EP《殘》,再次擔當製作人將另類電子、Dark R&B、與標誌性的騷靈歌腔融合,創造出獨具一格的另類流行音樂,作品登上英國音樂雜誌 Mixmag 以及日本獨立媒體 Avyss magazine、於2020年入圍文藝復興獎(音樂類),並獲得第十一屆台灣《金音創作獎》兩項提名,包括 最佳創作歌手獎 與 最佳另類流行專輯獎。


2021年,受著名詞人周耀輝邀請參與其駐場計畫、與亞洲藝術文獻庫跨界合作,製作並統籌一系列原創歌曲、音樂影像 -《留念》,於大館當代美術館藝術家書籍圖書館特別展示、與現場表演。



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sophy Wong is a singer-songwriter/ artist/ producer.
ow based in Taiwan & Hong Kong, she continues to open up the imagination through cross-facets collaborations.

Debutted in 2016 with a self-released EP《Sophrology》 under independent label Bunny Eats Ltd cofounded with renounced producer Chiu Tsang Hei, SOPHY received cirtical acclaims from mainstream media and audiences. The following year, she released her second EP《QUARTER》which earned her the nomination by the 9th Taiwan Golden Indie Award. In 2018, she opened for Moonchild (US), Rhodes (UK) and indie electronic music label Dark Paradise (TW); performed at Clockenflap (HK), Asia Music Keep Rolling Festival (TW) etc.


In 2019, she followed up with a mandarin EP 《HARSH (殘)》release in Taiwan; which conceptually and sonically to fuse pop / dark R&B/ electronica, creating an apocalyptic soundscape as an alternative mandarin pop album. It was well-received with a number of nominations including the Renaissance Award (Music) 2020; the Best Singer-songwriter & the Best Alternative Pop Album in the 11th Taiwan Golden Indie Award; and featured by Mixmag (UK) and Avyss Magazine (JP) etc.

In 2021, as a cross-field project between Art and Pop music, in collaboration with lyricist Chow Yiu Fai’s residency at Asia Art Archive, SOPHY co-wrote and produced a series《Connective Memories》consisting of six artworks, songs, and music videos which are inspired by the Ha Bik Chuen Archive; leading to a live performance concert, sharing session, as well as a special display at Tai Kwun contemporary. 

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