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A Hong-Kong born singer-songwriter/ producer.

With a unique style fusing Pop, Electronica and Soul R&B music, SOPHY opened for Moonchild (US), Rhodes (UK) and indie electronic music label Dark Paradise (TW); performed at Clockenflap (HK), Asia Music Keep Rolling Festival (TW), Zandari Festa (KR) etc.

Debuted in 2016 with a self-released EP《Sophrology》, SOPHY received cirtical acclaims and broke into local mainstreams. She followed up with a second EP《QUARTER》the next year, which earned her a nomination in the 9th Taiwan Golden Indie Award.


In 2019, she released her first mandarin mini-album 《HARSH (殘)》which conceptually and sonically fuses Pop / Dark R&B/ Electronica. It received a number of nominations including "Renaissance Award (Music) 2020"; "Best Singer-songwriter" & "Best Alternative Pop Album" in the 11th Taiwan Golden Indie Award; and featured by Mixmag (UK) and Avyss Magazine (JP) etc.


In 2021, in collaboration with lyricist Chow Yiu Fai’s residency at Asia Art Archive, SOPHY co-wrote and co-produced the cross-disciplinary series 《Connective Memories》which consists of music, artworks and visuals, followed up with live concert and special display at Tai Kwun Contemporary.


In 2023, Sophy released her first trilingual full-length album《FLUID》as the executive producer. The 12-tracks project fuses Cantonese, Mandarin and English seamlessly and consists of a wide range of genres like Alternative, Electronic, Dance, Soul, R&B and Synth Pop etc, forming her singular and soulful music language as she continues her path on becoming one of the eclectic forces in Pop music amongst music contemporaries in Asia.




風格融合流行、另類電子、騷靈節奏藍調音樂;曾先後為 Moonchild (美國)、Rhodes (英國) 和 Dark Paradise(台灣) 暖場;並於 Clockenflap (香港)、 Asia Music Keep Rolling Festival (台灣)、Zandari Festa (韓國) 等音樂節演出。




2019年,推出首張國語 mini-album《殘》,擔任製作人將電子、Soul R&B 音樂融合,創造出一張另類流行專輯,並登上英國音樂雜誌 Mixmag 及日本獨立媒體 Avyss magazine。於2020年,入圍文藝復興獎(音樂類)與第十一屆 台灣《金音創作獎》最佳創作歌手獎與最佳另類流行專輯獎兩項提名。





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