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Harsh / 殘 (2019-2020)

​Album Concept Video, Music Video, Live A/V Perf Video (Taipei)

"Harsh Eye" Series Visual Art, (Make up, Photography) representing six tracks in the album, Harsh

eye_0101 copy.jpg
eye_0601 copy.jpg

Brave New World / 美麗新世界 (2017)

Music Video, Documentary & Lyric Video 

A work inspired by the named novel of Audous Huxley, accompanied with a digital view counts buying social experiment

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Leaving Home (2018)

Music Video, Virtual Advertisement Commercial "換個面目,換新天空" 

A parody inspired by Hong Kong real estates: An imagined estate official website "the Quarter 霩闥"

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Tiny Things /微物 (2019) 

Music Video, A Personal Recreation Video (replying to photos & words collected from friends on the theme of "Passing/逝去的")

A tribute to those who passed away, may we stay connected amongst all the tiny things

Special ver. with whispering by Chow Yiu Fai 周耀輝

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